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"It could be a figment of your imagination..."

A    V I N T A G E    W E D D I N G  ! !

Like all girls, i’m an absolute lover of watching gushy wedding programmes on TV and Romance movies that give you hope and make you “waaaaaa” like a baby!

It got me thinking I am really looking forward to that day which marks the rest of my life (all I gotta do is bump into “The One” LOL) and also…more importantly people (and bringing it back to fashion) i’ve never been one of those girls that sat down and wrote everything down, from the dress to the shoes to the flowers to my brides maids……it just didn’t interest me in the slightest as, as a child i never really thought of being married.

BUT now I do think about it and thought I would look at some dresses that I would love for that day….whenever it may be.


I love old fashion, old movies and old men lol. My mum calls me a throw back from another era and also is addiment I will marry an older man.

But anyway, FASHION…. I love to be seen in what noone else is wearing!! If you love these dresses as much as I do, just google ‘Vintage Wedding Dresses’ or ‘Retro’ and a whole ton of beauties appear….and one of a kind too HOW AMAZING!!

Enjoy Tumbot Girls

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